Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spinning Out of Control?

I've managed to get some amazing spinning done in the past few weeks by spinning 15-20 minutes per day. It was great. I finally feel like I've got the hang of it and am actually noticing more of the yarn's behavior as I spin. This is a pic of 8oz of Polwarth roving spun and 2-plied. I have yet to skein it up and wash it, but I may do that tonight. It is so much fun to spin I recommend it for anyone who loves yarn.

I need to keep a better record of the fibers I spin and I need more information on the variety of fibers. I want to check out Clara Parkes' new book The Knitter's Book of Wool to see if she provides good details on fibers that I could use as a reference.

Unfortunately I am going to go on a fiber stash diet. I have so much roving, locks, and silk hankies that I should be pretty busy spinning for a long time to come. My last purchases were 1lb of Jacob roving and 1lb of Rambouillet roving. The Rambouillet was no where near as soft as I thought it would be and I actually contemplated buying some hand carders to process them some more before spinning. I'm going to sit and think on that a bit since hand carders are pretty expensive.

I'm also putting my other gadget purchasing dreams on hold. I've been trying to win a bid for a Swedish bobbin winder on eBay but I keep losing. It seem as if the same people keep bidding on these winders and I wonder if folks just create multiple identities on eBay and bid to drive up their own prices. In any case it is so frustrating that I just prefer to buy a new winder. If I buy new however I will buy an electric winder recommended to me by Jasmin of the Knitmore Girls Podcast. The idea is to use the winder to store my spun singles onto plastic bobbins which are much cheaper than the Ashford bobbins. But I'm asking myself more and more, "Is this a need or a want?" It's just a "want" so it is going to have to wait perhaps until the end of the summer.

Our urban gardening is coming along nicely as well. Tomatoes, peppers and basil are all doing nicely. Unfortunately I was unable to find an inexpensive strawberry pot (you know the kind with the holes in the sides) so I just left them with the tomatoes and they took root in that planter (oh well). I should admit that I'm only good at growing mold and this is really my partner Luke's adventure. He of course has a wildly successful garden at the Department of Health where he works. I will post pics of that garden soon.
And finally my knitting has been a bit stalled of late, I'm still working on the Lacy Rib Socks (rav link) from Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up. They are very easy but I just haven't devoted time to the pattern. The 4th of July holiday driving odyssey will no doubt provide ample knitting time. I must plan carefully what projects I will pack for the road. I'm thinking the socks as well as my Noro Kureyon Leaf Lace Scarf and perhaps a few bibs and burb rags for the impending arrivals of my friends.

I also want to plan out some quick knitting projects for my friends in California. I haven't seen them since we moved and all our kids are 1 week apart. I was thinking about some cute vests with "gender appropriate" colors. I'd have to knit 4 plus one more for my little man so 5 toddler size vests by September. It seems doable.

Well it's back to work now. Happy spinning, knitting, and gardening!

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i am totally out of the loop---where did you move to--why----how is it....and etc