Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweaters Are Heavy!

I am finally knitting that sweater I promised my partner years ago (Biker Boy - rav link). I'm knitting it in a bulky wool/alpaca blend and man does it feel heavy. Thank goodness the designer recommended knitting it on circulars to keep the weight off the wrists. This is officially the first adult sweater I've ever knit and I'm a bit nervous. I've cast on and frogged a few times now never getting past 2 or 3 inches of knitting but I've been steadily knitting without mistakes for 8 inches now, so far so good. I was concerned about the size but I'm trusting the gauge and I'm just going with it.

I'd love to cast on Pioneer using a 100% bamboo my sister bought for me but I'm worried that the bamboo may stretch out. I need to order Sz 5 dpns and then I'll cast on.

My entire family is suffering with allergies this week. My son is able to sleep but he is very runny nosed. Since the symptoms aren't too severe we've decided not to give him any drugs. His pediatrician said it would be ok to give him something but if he's eating and sleeping and generally happy, why bother. We adults on the other hand are not doing so well. I haven't been able to take in a deep breath all day without coughing. I'll have to sleep with my emergency inhaler tonight.

Oh I just got two books in the mail: Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross; and Little Stitches for Little Ones by Amy Butler. I really want to get some sewing done, especially for the new babies that are due this Fall and Winter. I figure if I practice on small projects the bigger ones will be easier.

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