Monday, October 15, 2007

Blogging With Baby?

Although baby has only been with us for two weeks he basically runs our lives. Does that sound familiar to all you parents out there? I've finally figured out that the best time to shower and have an uninterrupted cup of coffee (decaf unfortunately) is right after the 5am feeding. Those of you who know me well probably just fell off your chairs because I have never been one to do anything at around 5am in the morning let alone shower and start my day.

I have to set aside some time to finish my Monkey Socks which I took with me to the hospital thinking I'd have time to knit between contractions or while I was in recovery. Am I insane or what?! I do think I can finish them if I put in a couple of hours the next few days. They're coming along so beautifully I can't wait for my pal to get her package of goodies.

And finally, I know mothers always think their kids are beautiful but come on this is one cute kid!

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vagabond bettie said...

What an alert little guy! Thanks for sharing his pic.