Saturday, September 1, 2007

Monkey Socks & Baby Knits

I Hate Gauge!
The Monkey Socks are officially on the needles. My gauge is slightly off but I am rarely able to get the recommended gauge. What's that about?!

Here's a shot of the very first rounds of the Monkey Socks. My pal loves bright colors and I've never been a big fan of brights but I must say this project is changing my mind. This color is so bright and fun. I may have to reconsider my sock stash colors.
Monkey Beginnings

Siena Made This for BabyOh and baby boy is going to enjoy hand knits from Mami and family. This is a sweater from his Tia Siena. Is this not the cutest thing ever?! Baby has received more hand knits that I need to photograph and post. But first I need to finish thank you cards for the baby shower.

Sorry about the poorly aligned pics, I'm still trying to master using flickr and Blogger. Any suggestions out there?

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