Tuesday, September 4, 2007

20+ Days and Counting

As baby's due date nears, physical changes are pretty intense. I'm bigger -- didn't think it could be possible but yup the belly is bigger. My seating arrangements are much more deliberate, note the stacked pillows in this shot. If I'm not careful I could end up in a seating arrangement that would take me a good 10 minutes to get out of.

On a more positive note I'm almost done with the Gold Bobble Booties. Well with the knitting that is, then I have to felt them. My very first felting project! Knitting during the pregnancy has been great. I just wish I could knit faster and get more of my projects done. I'm still jealous of all those knitty bloggers who start baby sweaters on a Friday and are done by Sunday. Ahhhh, someday. . . . .

And last but definitely not least, L. and I went on a much needed date on Friday. It was so great to get dressed up, leave the house, and just remind ourselves that we are still a young couple in love. The plan is to have a date night each week even after baby boy arrives. Wish us luck.

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