Sunday, June 17, 2007

6-Month Hiatus

I was so eager to create a blog 6 months back and I'm still excited about it, really. After my last post in January, my partner and I found out we were pregnant. After the joyous news my morning sickness began and I was functioning at a minimal level for three solid months. Unfortunately in addition to the all-day nausea came an aversion to the smell of yarn. Can you believe that?! I usually love the smell of yarn but I couldn't even think of yarn without my stomach turning. I've been feeling much better this trimester but moving to our new home and setting up for the baby has been the priority. Now I'm ready to get back to knitting.

I took the Crusoe Socks off the needles and will use the Sassy Stripes yarn to make booties for the baby. I'm working towards a cute cardigan for the baby (Trellis from but need to get back in the swing of knitting first. Wish me luck. I'll be posting knitting and pregnancy progress in the weeks to come.

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