Sunday, May 3, 2015

And years later . . . .

I wrote my last post for this blog years ago. Blogging took a back seat to life which includes parenting, teaching, my health and of course general exhaustion.

Big News: I had a successful total hip replacement in August 2014 which has changed my life. No more chronic pain. It is amazing how long a person can put up with everyday pain and once it's gone you can't believe you tolerated it at all.

My Littleman is finishing up the 2nd grade and is showing incredible growth. He's still resistant when it comes to homework, but really who wants to do homework.

Teaching is the bigger challenge these days. There are only a few weeks left to the school year and my students still struggle with basic writing. Sometimes it feels like a Sisyphean endeavor. Having one's career linked to so many variables is incredibly stressful.

My only plans for the summer are travel and rest, I hope that will make a difference for next year.

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