Friday, October 28, 2011

Living With the Parents

Ok, I am officially living one of my nightmares, well, maybe nightmare is a bit strong, but definitely an unpleasant bizarro reality: I am living at home with my parents. They are wonderful, loving, supportive people but it's not supposed to be this way. At my age I should be enjoying some semblance of a normal mid-life existence. But the fates, and bad choices, have led me back to the city of my birth, the place I swore I would never live in again. On the flip side my four-year-old son absolutely loves the city. The simplest walk around the neighborhood thrills him to no end. I've jumped into the NYC Kindergarten boxing ring seeking out the best public schools for my Littleman just in case I'm here longer than I want to be ("hope for the best, plan for the worst"). I would be the happiest person in the world if a full-time job would come my way then this "nightmare" could end.

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