Monday, April 4, 2011

Great Work Weekend

I had to work all day Saturday and it was fantastic. I am on the development team for a brand new public high school in Newark, NJ and it has been a wonderful experience. Hard work, fast paced, but working with such committed and loving people makes it all worthwhile.

My Littleman had fun with his dad this weekend. It was filled with basketball (his favorite) and swimming (a close second). This week at preschool they are learning all about insects which means I am making a run to the public library to pic up some insect books and maybe to the dollar store for some plastic bugs.

On the knitting front: I've only been able to work on some vanilla socks because they don't require thinking. There hasn't been much time but as long as I'm able to sneak in a few rows each night I'm happy. Oh and FYI if you are a fan of WendyKnits Patterns, she is having a sale this month; check out her Ravelry Pattern Store.

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