Saturday, October 17, 2009

Progress on UFOs

I've been working steadily on UFOs. Luke's Biker Boy is looking good. Some folks on Ravelry helped me figured out how to attach the sleeves to the body. I'm also working on a Multnomah shawl using Lisa Souza's Sock! Merino in Paprikash, this has to be one of the softest yarns I've work with so far. I decided on a shawl because I wasn't quite sure about the color for socks. Once I'm done with my yarn diet (February Stitches West!) I will definitely pick up more Sock! Merino for my stash. I also cast on a Spiral Cowl with my Malabrigo Silky Merino, the pattern is very easy but I messed up the spiral sequence a few rows back. It still looks good only it is no longer a continuous spiral. On the spinning front, I've spun up 2oz of my Shetland roving from Windswept Farms I really love this roving. The natural brown color is very rich and the fiber spins up beautifully. I'm spinning 8oz total semi-worsted and would love to spin up the remaining 8oz in more of a woolen spun.

Work is going well. My students are doing great, teaching once a week is nice. I'm also working 2 days at a non-profit HIV/AIDS organization and that has been great. Thursdays and Fridays are supposed to be writing days but most end up as chore days.

Cold weather has set in but we are determined to save serious money on our heating this season. L. has agreed to seal up all the windows with plastic and I'm going to knit up some draft stoppers for the front and back doors. Little man is already outfitted with numerous footy pjs so I think he'll be ok.

That's all for now. Happy knitting and spinning!

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