Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Dream of Fiber

In my fantasy life I sleep past 7am, wake up to a pancake breakfast, own a self-cleaning house, and can knit and spin for hours each day taking breaks for a good novel and a gourmet lunch. Ahhhh! In my real life I'm working two jobs and my house seems to get dirtier while I sleep, which unfortunately is only until 6am when Chooku (a term of endearment for my little boy) wakes up every day.

Last week I enjoyed a spa day courtesy of my DH. FOUR HOURS of the most amazing massage, facial, mani-pedi treatment I've ever had. I wish I could do this once a week. Another continuing treat is my spinning class. I'm loving it. Since I'm the only student in the class it's basically a private lesson and my teacher is great.

My wheel unfortunately was acting up but luckily I was able to take it The Spinning Loft where Beth gave it some much-needed care, a little tightening here and there and the wheel is perfect. I also picked up some polwarth (soooo soft). I haven't blogged in a bit so I have not shared my recent purchases: Icelandic wool roving; shetland roving, 1lb of dark brown shetland from Windswept Farms in Michigan.

I also bought a Kromski spinning bench from The Spinning Loft. I'm hoping this will promote good posture while I spin.

I want to review the fibers I'm working with in upcoming posts so come back soon.

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Maarit said...

Your dream-life sounds pretty much like mine - and reality is just as far from it too :). I'm learning to spin too now, and it's so frustrating not to have enough time for it. And here we don't have any spinning classes even, web-sources are my teachers. It's soo slow but someday I will know how to do it. Would like to see some of your yarns here too :).