Sunday, January 18, 2009

Unbelievable Winter

It has been so cold in Detroit that I've been in a terrible mood for the past week. It just makes me angry. Leaving the house and getting smacked by that frigid air is just an insult. On Friday I had to take our Little Man to daycare and the windchill was -27 (minus 27 degrees) INSANE. I literally had difficulty breathing, it was that cold. Today was much better since we hit the low 20's. We went to the mall for a bit but the baby was asleep so I went in for a quick run and then we headed back to Detroit where most spots were closed, so we ended up at a sports bar that makes great burgers, had lunch and then came home.

My spinning class was canceled because my instructor had appendicitis. I don't know when we will resume our classes.

I'm trying to finish my Bella Mittens. I've got one mitten down and the second is progressing. I will post pics soon. I want to cast on Biker Boy for Luke. I've had the yarn forever and gave up on the Cycling Aran because I kept losing my spot on the chart. The complex cables just require more attention than I am able to devote to any pattern.

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