Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Cleaning Frenzy

Ok, I know it can't just be my crazy family's tradition to clean the heck out of one's house before the New Year, right? Well I didn't quite make the deadline. I ended up cleaning today. All the laundry, dusting, scrubbing, putting away all that laundry (I hate this most of all). What a day. But it does feel good. I want to devote a couple of days next week to shredding papers and organizing our home offices. Oh and of course HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone out there. 2009 is definitely going to be interesting. Happy knitting to you all.

I've made some knitting resolutions.
1. No more than 5 projects on the needles at once.
2. Knit an entire adult sweater.
3. Knit a pair of socks every other month (6 pairs for 2009!)
4. Choose knitting projects that will teach me a new technique or help me perfect one.
5. Spin, spin, spin. -- I've had the wheel since May '08 and I still can't do it so this is the year I master spinning and make yarn that I use.
6. Limit the stash enhancement. I promise to "shop" my own stash before buying.
7. Comment on the blogs I visit.
8. Lace. Need I say more? I love lace projects but have never completed one. This is the year.
9. Try colorwork.
10. Increase my blogging output. I will have to work this in to my morning coffee routine.

My only non-knitting resolutions are to do more yoga and work hard at the office so I don't have to work once I get home at night.

Good luck with all your resolutions this year.

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