Saturday, November 22, 2008

Learning to Love Detroit

It's no surprise to my friends and family that living in Detroit has been a challenge. We moved here for my partner's dream job and he is so very happy and I am happy for him. But the city can be depressing. Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. A number that is sure to grow now that the Big Three are tanking. It is quite possible that I will be joining the ranks of the unemployed after my one-year teaching stint ends in May. Arrghhh!

But on a positive note. We've discovered the Detroit Institute of Arts. In the past week we've seen the "Monet to Dali" exhibit -- free with our membership -- and last night we saw Phillis Chen perform. She is an amazing pianist who works with toy pianos. If you get a chance to see her perform you really should. Our son loves music and was completely enthralled by the sound. Will he ever sound as good on his toy piano?

To us he sounds amazing of course

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