Saturday, March 1, 2008

Finished the Monkeys!

I finally finished my Monkey Socks for the Monkey Sock Swap that ended in November. I know, I know, It's terrible. But the last few months have been filled with new-mom stresses and challenges. I've mentioned in previous postings that I (foolishly) thought our newborn baby would nap for hours everyday and that I would then be able to knit up a storm and work and perhaps save the world. The baby has just started napping consistently (at 5 months) and he still wakes 2 or 3 times per night to nurse.
Wake up Mami, it's 4am!!!

The month of February was filled with bad colds for the entire family, travel to Detroit where it was a balmy 2 degrees and snowing, and of course work piling up by the day. Despite the therapeutic benefits of knitting there just hasn't been time. Hopefully that will change now.

I finished my gauge swatch for the Bella Blouse and I cast on the Easy Lace Stole which will be a belated birthday gift for a very dear friend of mine. I'm also working on the New York Scarf for my sweet hubbie. Oh I should add that I finished an earflap hat for the baby out of sheer necessity (couldn't find anything I liked in the stores). Well I'm off to prepare my Monkey mailing for my very patient swap pal. Wish me luck.
P.S: pics will have to wait since my digital camera is on the fritz. Canon is repairing it for free so that's a plus. Happy knitting!

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