Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday, etc.

Ahhhhh, lazy Saturdays. Well not so lazy for me. I think I'm finally have some real contractions so whatever is left on my Mami-Do List better get done soon.

Number one on the list was bathing Harrison. Done! We marvel at how a dog this small can smell so bad, it's amazing. He may not look very happy but once the bath is over he runs around playing with his tennis ball, clearly feeling refreshed. I also gave him a little haircut. He is cute.

I also got started on my Red Scarf Project scarf. I'd been putting it off searching for a pattern but time is running out. Luckily, Knitting Daily posted a great pattern called "Connections" so I'm off and running. I started yesterday and I'm making some good progress.

Today will be devoted to that To-Do List and some periodic napping.

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elan said...

I remember those "is this it days?" it quickly changes to "THIS IS IT!" when you're in the thick of things, take those naps, it's harder to do afterwards.