Thursday, August 2, 2007

Calming Down to Knit

This is my 32nd week of pregnancy and so far so good. A little tired towards the middle of each day but otherwise I feel great. Lots of projects in the works and and not all knitting. The baby's room is still not set up. We're trying to be realistic and keep it as a baby/guest/mami's office- room so it will take some serious organization (which for me often translates into procrastination). I will be posting before and after shots to document my progress.

Yesterday was our first childbirth prep class. It was fun. Great instructor and group s of first time parents-to-be. Today I have an OB appt. and then lunch with a friend that I haven't seen in months, and then I get to shop for household cleaning supplies and a nursing bra. And at the end of all that I'm going to my LYS for a treat (a new pattern book and some yarn for baby).

Oh before I forget (mama brain!) I want to thank Judy at Persistent Illusion for sharing the Simpsonize Me website. Here's my Simpsonized self:

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