Saturday, July 28, 2007

Travel, Knitting, and Pregnancy, Oh My!

I'm just recovering from last weekend's getaway to Arcata, CA. The drive is usually wonderful but traffic was brutal and at 30 weeks pregnant there's limited comfort in a long car ride. I did however get to the beach which was great and did some knitting while I was there. (Will post photographic proof asap).

It seems like everyone is knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweaters. I really want to finish my Trellis sweater before starting another project but I'm not sure I can resist the urge to start another project. There are so many great baby booties, sweaters, blankets, etc. I want to make them all! I walked over to my LYS just to peek at some of the Zimmerman books but they were sold out. They didn't have any of Debbie Bliss's kids knits books either. It must truly be the season of baby knitting.

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